Manitoba First Nations AIDS Working Group Manitoba First Nations AIDS Working Group Manitoba First Nations AIDS Working Group Manitoba First Nations AIDS Working Group
Manitoba First Nations AIDS Working Group
About MFNAWG - HIV/AIDS Prevention - AIDS Awareness - Aboriginal Health Programs - Manitoba Canada  

About the Manitoba First Nations AIDS Working Group________________________

“Through effective communication with First Nations health systems, we develop and enhance a program continuum of HIV/AIDS prevention, through linkages with other health programs, education, care, treatment and support for those First Nations people who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS”.

The Manitoba First Nations AIDS Working Group aims to prevent the transmission and spread of HIV/AIDS among First Nations people of Manitoba.

Our Objectives_______________________________________________________

Establish linkages with existing First Nations training and educational institutions to facilitate incorporation of HIV/AIDS programs into their health curriculum and programs.

Advocate for individual community-based programs which address the continuum of HIV/AIDS care; prevention, education, care, treatment, support and research.

Establish a networking system with other HIV/AIDS organizations for community-based research, information and developments and partnerships.

Establish an evaluation process to determine the effectiveness of the HIV/AIDS Working Group.

Assist and encourage communities to establish and develop support systems for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Ensure the continuation and enhancement of HIV/AIDS programs within Manitoba First Nations by acquiring human and financial resources from First Nations and Inuit Health Branch (FNIHB), corporations and other funding partners and institutions.

To see who is part of this group, be sure to check out our Membership page.

Some of our Activities_________________________________________________

The Regional HIV/AIDS Program

1.The Regional HIV/AIDS Program coordinates and supports:

Comprehensive community-based development activities

Increase community awareness and capacity to provide health education and awareness on HIV/AIDS.

Development of integrated community based harm reduction services and approaches to prevent the spread of STI/HIV/AIDS/HBV/HCV.

2. The HIV/AIDS Community-based programs are funded through Contribution Agreements through the Modified Berger Formula structure to 6 Tribal Councils and 34 Non-affiliated Bands.

3. The Manitoba First Nations AIDS Working Group (MFNAWG) meets on a quarterly basis for allowance for regional skills-building, networking and advocacy with other HIV/AIDS organizations and First Nations health systems, ensuring Manitoba’s First Nations are actively involved with provincial strategies and opportunities regarding HIV/AIDS.

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This banner was made by community members from the Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council and is used during the annual December HIV/AIDS Walk.

The Manitoba First Nations AIDS Working Group | c/o First Nations & Inuit Health - 300-391 York Ave. Winnipeg, Manitoba - R3C 4W1

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